Monday, 19 April 2010


I have been working on a brief for the Bodyshop. The brief is to reinstate the Bodyshop's position as the original pioneer of ethical beauty. I decided this was a chance to do a brief completely by hand. I miss being off screen and being able to draw something start to finish. Anyway here are a few of the drawings I have completed so far. Each poster reflects a value. I felt using mainly typography was the best approach for this. I have not yet decided on a colour scheme. That is what I will be spending time on tonight. 

Exhibition Poster

This brief is a poster which I created for the Faculty of Arts Exhibition 2010. It's not the best thing iv'e done but bearing in mind I done it in like an hour. Hopefully ill get time to go back to it at the end and spend alot more time with it.

Newton Rigg

This is an identity I created for a new trademark  under the Newton Rigg Enterprise. The circular mark represents renewable energy. The mark has also been created to reflect the company's main aim which is to promote a sustainable future for our environment. 

Below are the guidelines for the Bioenergy identity.

H G Wells

I am currently working on my final major projects. The first project I completed was a series bookcovers for one of the 20th Century's acclaimed authers, H G Wells. My concept reflected each character in the stories, who had lost their place in society, their identities. The images have been created to put across this idea. 

Rubix Channel

For this brief I was asked to create an identity for an international television brand. Their personality was to be bold and reflect their love for drama, reality Tv, films, soaps and niche programmes. I decided to create one main company and several channels which branched from this company, each of which building up the personality of Rubix Productions. I decided to use bold colours throughout to create a bold, distinctive identity, each colour in the square represents a channel part of Rubix Productions.

I created a set of business cards for each channel and stationery for rubix productions as a whole. I also created a set of guidelines for the identity.