Thursday, 11 December 2008

Event Promotion

This has been the most recent brief.  I was asked to pick an event from given choices and design a poster for it. I chose to promote The Ratrace Urban Adventure event. This is highly active event in various parts of the country where competitors take part in sports using the city as their playground. The sports included abseiling, biking, Kayaking, Rock climbing and abseiling. My main aim was to encourage spectators to come along and watch the event. 

I was also asked to create a direct mail item. I chose to create stickers and send them to the people already participating in the event. The initial idea was to try and remind those taking part of the kit list to bring to the event and designed each sticker with a different activity on it which they can apply to their helmet, bike etc.

Corporate Identity

For the second Brief we were first given the task to research the personality of someone well known and pick 4 aspects of this personality to apply to a company's identity. Basically I had to create an identity for a stonemason in the personality of Russell Brand. I nearly died when I heard this as Russell Brands personality is a bit extreme! Anyway with more research I found out more about Russell and found four attributes that I was going to take and apply to my company. Those were honesty, ambition, enthusiasm and dedication.
I decided to call my company 'Manmade' And wanted my company to be unique and sell only natural stone, hence the leaf. This was the final outcome, a business card, letterhead and compliments slip. I plan on changing the typeface that I used.

Magazine Design

Ok so this was my first project. We were asked to pick a subject of our choice and create a 6 page magazine including a front cover and contents page. My chosen subject was architecture. My main article was based on the architecture structures in the Clydeside, Glasgow. I was quite happy with the final outcome as it was my first brief although I only got a third. I'm just glad I passed!